Ed and Roy in Hawaiian shirts


this comic is dumb im dumb
shake it like a polaroid picture


"i wanna see kenma get scared!!"
"what?! you loser, you cant force him to play horror games!"
"youre just scared that you cant handle it!"
"oh i can fucking handle it!!"
"oh yeah?? lets see you try!!"
"(i havent……. ok)"

their screaming scared him more than the game did

or: my bro was playing deadspace 2 and this is exactly what happened, except i was watching and not playing

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Kiyoshi Teppei



You build your heart of plastic

Get cynical and sarcastic
And end up in the corner on your own

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et's play again

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Digimon Meme14 Humans

  • Jenrya Lee/Henry Wong (12/14)

It’s not like he doesn’t make mistakes, and he’s quick to let taunts get to him, but…
He’s the second-strongest after Azumane, and most importantly,
his ability to perform when he’s cornered doesn’t deteriorate.
That mental strength…
Those are unmistakably…
The qualities of an ace.