That  moment when you fall asleep in your Zeppelin shirt and John Paul Jones creeps up on you for a photo and your friends don’t wake you up.

i was gonna go to bed but then i got hit with hardcore OT3 feels

riko/junpei/teppei is real


Happy Odaiba Memorial Day!!

I hope everyone has a great summer! Have an adventure! And that new Digimon Adventure 2015 anime, right?! //screaming all day// So excited >:D

edit: Tumblr made it really small, you can see the larger version here.



getting emotional over fave cosplayers

getting emotional over friends

i just love people a lot omgggg

August 1st, 1999 - August 1st, 2014


my contribution to the 15th anniversary

julia and i went to get ice cream and then we were walking around and decided to go run down a hill and we were standing at the top and some other people started walking up to do the same thing and i was like “gee i hope i don’t embarrass myself”

naturally, i fell on my ass while trying to run down the hill