I CHANGED MY MIND I’M SORRY part 3 is my favorite.. for now

Thanks Eisu Jackee and Zid for screaming about JoJo with me last night ;_;

FOR THE FURTHERANCE OF ARAKI’S KINGDOM may it continue forever until pebbles turn into boulders lush with moss


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 


Courteney Cox Dances with Bruce Springsteen to “Dancing in the Dark”

Title: Steal My Girl
Artist: One Direction
Album: Steal My Girl
Plays: 157129

One Direction - Steal My Girl

Flareon is very, very shy especially when meeting other Pokemon for the very first time! When nervous, its body temperature gets hotter and hotter!


When my boyfriend and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art we seen this rly cool and beautiful porcelain bust by Ah Xian.


Star Platinum is so moe (❁´▽`❁)


these two were made for each other i s2g