i won three games of cards against humanity in a row

happy easter

Cards Against Humanity


Okay my last game got eaten I guess?? So let me try that again. It’s “Pyro’s Game" and the password is "egg”. Come play!! 

come play!!!


Digimon Adventure- Hikari Yagami (Estela Lacerda)

i had a nice easter!!! got out of bed, tumbled a bit, went and got breakfast, then went for a walk on the beach (the weather was SO nice today), came home and called my grandma to say happy easter, finally got my ass in gear and watched kids on the slope (and cried, thankfully most of the tears from that anime are happy ones), got dinner, and now i’m here! :)


"haha oh man can you believe that we’re responsible for basically every single death on this entire show lmao fist bump"

today in val rewatches eureka seven AO: an attempt at a beatles reference? maybe???


I’ve got this… nephew. This nephew who is, I mean, he’s an adult. But you can’t infantilize them, you can’t live their life for them. But still, I mean, there is that frustration. You know, that… God, that frustration that goes along with, you know: “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know what is best for you, so listen.” But of course, they don’t. I mean, what do you do with someone like that?

Breaking Bad Appreciation Week Day 4: Relationships

nico rosberg: so unimpressed with everything


well i tried to draw the ultimate meme

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I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.

Title: A Dramatic Story about Miley
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