the hot topic stores open their doors

there upon those floors the kids discover gamzee

his polka dots

his slime

his randomness

the new GIR is upon us

the beginning of the end is here

In the high school halls, you can hear the freshman chanting

"H0nk!!!!….I’m so random!! :0)"

"MoThEr fUcKiNg pIe~"


Marianne Faithfull | 1967 | Photographed by John Kelly

Great Dane puppy voices his displeasure at being forced to get up early


The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular


six selfies tag
One is a snapchat whoops

This was cool so I am tagging
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i was tagged in that six-selfie thing by valderie and justlikeswitchblades so here’s an absurd amount of my face. sorry.
(i’m too lazy to tag people so you know - do this and pretend i did)


Look at this image. This image was sent to me via text message by my friend Connor earlier today. The caption was “I cannot even HANDLE this” and I was very confused. You can’t read the text in the photo, so what on earth is this? I looked at the squares of color for a moment, completely mystified about what on earth they were supposed to be, maybe the text was supposed to give context to the squares and Connor had simply made an error. And then it hit me.

The squares of color are the classic Constanza.jpg meme broken down into it’s most basic of details. Based on nothing more than the colors, I was able to recognize his skin, shirt, the blue of fence behind him and conjure an image in my mind of the intended source material.

Pointillism is an art movement that was born out of impressionism. It is characterized by dots of color applied in very specific patterns to display the suggestion of the subject material. 

The above image is from Seurat’s classic Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte. There is very little precise detail in the image. Instead, Seurat applies small groupings of colored dots to show the viewer a man’s mustache or the the brim of a hat.

By applying this knowledge to Costanza.jpg, we can conclude that the image the Connor sent to me earlier could possibly be classified as a pointillist meme. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if All Your Base and the Dancing Baby were the birth of the meme, and things like Advice Dog and Rickroll were the Renaissance, then we have finally reached impressionist memes and I for one cannot wait for the abstract.


you learn to take the little victories


satsuki showing those losers how it’s done

mitobe rinnosuke: skill chart


The Brown Berets are a revolutionary Mexican American group that formed in Los Angeles in 1966 during the Chicano Movement. They have been active community organizers ever since, struggling against racial profiling, inferior education/healthcare, and other issues faced in the barrios of America. 

They have survived covert infiltrations by the FBI, LAPD, and ATF, being a target of COINTELPRO and other illegal government actions. They participated in Fred Hampton’s Rainbow Coalition in Chicago along with the Black Panther Party and Young Lords Party.

Although they have been known to have discredited the feminist struggle as secondary to liberation from racism and poverty, they played a significant role in serving their communities, educating the people, setting up free clinics, and holding direct action protests against police brutality.

They were big supporters of the United Farm Workers movement, the Land Grants movement, and the Poor People’s Campaign. They saw a resurgence in activity in the 90’s after the passage of California’s Proposition 187, which restricted education, healthcare and social services for undocumented immigrants


anon….asked for riku…how did it turn out this way?

we just don’t know

UH well frozen is disney right so maybe…these two were at the coronation ball somehow and then hans is being helped by heartless and anna is a party member?



I’ve had a couple people ask me why I no longer post on Toypics and this is why. I blocked out my name and e-mail because that is my actual name and my usual e-mail. If you have issues reading the caps, message me and I will copy and paste the e-mails or something, idk.

Anyway, I used to post on Toypics under the name BoyWith2Holes, same as my QueerPornTube name. There used to only be Guys + Toys and Women + Toys categories. I would post in the Guys + Toys because I am a guy. They had added a Transgender + Toys category which I would also post in because I am a trans guy. Seems pretty logical.

Then I get an e-mail from the site owner, the same person who own Bad Dragon, that I need to post ONLY in Transgender + Toys. I get the reasoning that first, it’s because I am trans and people are complaining about there being a dude pussy in the guy tag. Their issue, not mine. Then, he backpedals and says it is based on ‘actual sex’. Well, my actual sex is male. Transgender is not an actual sex.

I break these points down very clearly and calmly in my e-mails to him. After the last one, I went to my Toypics account. He had deleted every single one of my videos for refusing to give into this cissexism. All of them, gone. That was the final straw. I deleted my account.

The idea that Bad Dragon is cissexist/transphobic is not unfounded. It is something I personally experienced and it’s one of the reasons I now do paid porn. They are also racist, and misogynistic. They also do not tell their customers of policy changes, refuse refunds for their company mess-ups, and so forth. If you want an alternative, I suggest Frisky-Beast, Damn Average (Etsy/FA) and Average (FA).

They changed the transgender tag to transsexual after this as well, thinking that it would ‘fix’ the issue. It does not.



cover of Strawberry by Paul Baribeau for Amanda battybatty who is both pretty and appreciated!!!